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About Me

My name is Olena. I am international award-winning photographer, specializing in landscape and aerial photography, as well as in fine art photography.

I have come a long way of creative development, starting from drawing with pencils and paints in childhood, to film photography and to modern digital photography. Imaging technologies are changing all the time, but my love of creativity and photography remains a constant part of my life.

In recent years, I have been focusing mainly on aerial photography and have been honing my skills by using drone for making photos and videos.

I am immensely passionate about landscape and nature photography. I was lucky to live in a beautiful place with wonderful landscapes and glorious nature, where there are 4 seasons. Each season expresses its beauty with different colors, which opens for me almost limitless possibilities for creativity.

In my photographs I try to capture such different, but such elusive things as: the beauty of a landscape, the irreversibility of time, a fleeting moment, and much more which a photograph can be remembered for. I use emerging new technologies in photography with great pleasure. Modern technical means allow me to embed my creative vision of the moment into the photo.

The stories behind my photographs are very different.

Sometimes I just choose a place on the map and go to explore the area. I allow my intuition to lead me, not knowing where it will take me and what I will meet there. While looking for places for my fabulous pictures, I find myself in wonderful places with glorious nature and meet amazing people.

Usually I know exactly what I would like to get in the picture. I prepare carefully and take this part very seriously. I am ready to go almost anywhere to get the desired picture. A rain, snow, cold and heat cannot stop me. I can do long hikes and perform long distance car trips. Such filming often dictates requirements, such as specific weather conditions or a certain time of day, the duration of which maybe just a few minutes. I carefully prepare for such trips.

These filming stories and love of photography fill my life. For example, during cold weather I remember my fingers freezing when I was trying to take the right shot, and how I was trying to warm up frozen batteries because the camera did not work, or the drone refused to take off. On the other occasion I was waiting for the required sunset for several weeks, traveling far into the mountains along mountain roads, looking for a tree in the forest with the desired color of leaves or lakes with the required ice texture.

My works have been repeatedly being awarded. Among my achievements is 1st place in the Ukrainian part (more than 47 000 photos) of the largest photography competition in the world Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM). Other significant awards include the HM Neutral Density Award of the competition, which is organized in Paris (France) by the famous ND Magazine. Also among awards of my works the HM APA 2020 award from the annual international photo contest, Nominee in the annual 7th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards, Silver Winner in the BIFA Annual International Photo contest (Budapest), HM in the Chromatic Award International Photo Contest, 1st place Winner in the Tokyo International Photo Awards and other.

My works were exhibited at international exhibitions recognized by such international photography organizations as PSA (Photographic Society of America), FIAP (Federation Internationale De L’Art Photographioue), GPU (Global Photographic Union), FIP (Federation of Indian Photography), and similar. My photos received many honors, editor choice, and other lesser awards.

My photos have been published in well-known major world and local media, for example, Wikipedia, BBC, Dodho, government sites of Ukraine and other resources.